Buy - Sell - Trade

We are looking for high-quality used graphic novels and small press indie or alternative comics from any era. 

What we are looking for: 

  • Graphic novels. Whether soft- or hardcover, trade paperback or prestige edition, new or out-of-print, we are interested in any comic in book format.  
  • Small press indie or alternative comics from any era. Think Love and Rockets or Eightball single issues. Anything from a small press or self-published comic artist we’d love to have a chance to check out, new or old. 
  • Pulp magazines. Sci-fi magazines. Old comic fanzines. 
  • Comics/Manga/BD -related novelties and ephemera (toys, posters, prints portfolios, etc.) 

What we are NOT looking for: 

  • Single issue comics from the larger publishers. We love them; we’re just not the best place to evaluate their value, let alone sell them. Larger publishers would include single issue comics from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse (you get the idea); basically, anything mainstream or aiming to be mainstream is not what we’re after. We may (and we mean MAY) be interested in comics from medium-sized publishers but it really depends on the publisher.  
  • Damaged Books. Books that are missing covers, have torn covers/pages, sever spine damage, smoke or water damage, or are otherwise well-worn/read. Some light wear can be expected, but if the book looks like it lost a fight with the world, we won’t be able to take it. 
  • While we will consider the occasional kid/YA graphic novels, kids can be rough on books, leaving the vast majority of what we see unsaleable. Kids/YA books are also very popular so we may already have several copies of some titles. So for the most part, we usually can't take kids books, but you never know. 

What we can offer:

Keep in mind we're not buying books as readers or collectors ourselves, but rather any book or item we buy is for resale in the shop. Therefore any offer we can do will likely be for a fraction of the cover price (save for some rare or out of print editions).

That said, each buy is different and dependent on both the condition of and the supply and demand for each book at that time. Out of print or "rare" doesn't necessarily mean "sought after" and an offer may reflect that. Our own changing stock may also affect what we can offer at any given time. 

We are also willing to look at larger collections as a whole, but can’t guarantee we’d be able to make an offer.  

How it works: 

In general, we can’t evaluate books/comics without seeing them in person. So most of the time you'll have to bring them in. However, for larger collections just message us and we can probably work with you online.