Drink Draw & Duplicate

First Thursdays of every month!!!

Upcoming dates:
April 4th
May 2nd


Yes, Drink Draw and Duplicate!!!

That's right. Howling Pages hosts a monthly Drink and Draw (more on the Duplicate below) at the shop. So why not swing by with your sketch book and pens and have a drink on us (both NA and A versions avail) as you flex those illustrative, comic-creative, doodletastic muscles around a literal shop-full of inspiration. 

More the writing type? No problem. Just bring whatever you're working on. There'll be a seat at the table for any creative or creative-curious working in the words/pictures see/reading genre.  

So what does the 'Duplicate' part mean? It means we'll make our Riso printer available for those who might want to pull off a couple proofs of what they're working on or get a quick demo. How awesome is that

Well that's about it. Every first Thursday of the month.

See you there fools!!